What is worth seeing in Santorini?

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If you still haven’t decided where to go on vacation this summer, you should seriously consider vacationing in Santorini. It is an island that is known worldwide for its beauty and you can choose it whether you are single and arranging a vacation with your girlfriends, or you are looking for a romantic destination with your partner.

The magical landscape with the volcano, the unique beaches and the picturesque alleys are just a few reasons why you should put this island of the Cyclades in your next destinations.

Just make sure to book a room or hotel early to stay because, as we said, it is a global tourism hub and it won’t be long before it reaches 100% occupancy for all the summer months.

The wineries

Santorini is known for its excellent wineries due to its unique volcanic soil, but also the Mediterranean climate that helps to ripen unique varieties. In fact, most of them have a magnificent view of the sea and the visitor has the opportunity to enjoy many different varieties of wine while enjoying the endless blue.

The paths

Like a classic Cycladic island, Santorini has very beautiful and picturesque alleys and in fact there is a path that leads from Fira to Oia, enjoying the unique aesthetics of the Cycladic aesthetics, the walk next to the large domes of the churches, but also the view of the sea and of the volcano.

The beaches

The beaches of Santorini have a strange, unique beauty since due to the volcano the sand is black and this has fanatic supporters or haters. The only thing that is certain is that you will encounter something unprecedented, with the most famous beaches being Perissa and Kokkini Paralia which is surrounded by large red rocks.

The picturesque villages

In addition to the long beaches, Santorini also has some picturesque harbors right on the shore, such as Amoudi, which you can visit to enjoy the magical landscape and the sunset, or combine it with a delicious seafood meal. Of course, there are not a few who choose even this small harbor to swim.

See ancient finds

In 1646 BC in Santorini one of the largest volcanic eruptions took place and this had the effect of covering the then settlement of the island. Thus, with the excavations, many objects of the ancient civilization come to the surface, which every visitor deserves to see.

It has the best hotels

The island’s hotels have followed the Cycladic architecture to the fullest, preserving the homogeneity of the island and many of them have been built on the rocks, resulting in a unique view. Also many of them are super luxurious and their pools are like a balcony on the sea.

It has natural thermal springs

Because of the volcano, many bays have been created with hot lava waters, which work therapeutically and it would certainly be interesting to see what it is like to swim in these waters.

It is a romantic island

Of course when we talk about Santorini, we could not miss the unique sunset, for which people travel from all over the world or choose the Greek island for their honeymoon. Every afternoon many visitors go up to Imerovigli waiting to see the sun set in the sea.

The colors that the sky takes on are definitely a unique experience and cannot but be engraved in your memory like a painting. Let alone facing this fantastic view in the company of your partner.

Santorini is definitely one of the top destinations for couples and more. The picturesqueness and uniqueness of the landscape evokes incredible emotions, while the various activities that one can do during their trip, allows for the combination of romantic and at the same time active and educational activities.

Palia Kameni

Finally, we will get to know one of the most special beaches of the island, as it is literally on top of the volcanic crater of Palaia Kameni.

The special yellow-green color of the sea from the sulfur and the hot springs located inside the Sea attract thousands of tourists with adrenaline reaching red, swimming around the volcano.

From the old port of Fira, Mesa Gialos, there are daily excursions to the bay of Agios Nikolaos located in Palaia Kameni.

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