How to choose between a handbag and a shoulder bag?

When you are a woman, one of your struggles is finding the right bag gynaikeies tsantes to accompany you in your work, everyday life or strolls without making your life harder than it already is. Choosing a bag might sound easy and pleasant but sometimes it is more complex than you think.

How many times have you bought a bag and eventually you did not wear it more than twice. This way you spend your money on something that you don’t need and you are left without a bag too.

Shoulder bags and hand bags may seem similar but in reality, they are two completely different bags in terms of style and use. Let’s see “how to choose between a handbag and a shoulder bag”.


The number one thing to look at when you are choosing a bag is the comfort it offers you. There is absolutely no reason to choose a bag that is constantly slipping down your shoulder or a handbag with uncomfortable handles that leave marks on your hands.

When going shopping for a bag, always “test” the bag. Try it on for a few minutes, walk around and test it to see how fast you can open and close it. These things matter when purchasing a new bag either a handbag or a shoulder bag.

Especially when your everyday life requires you to move a lot and do a lot of visits to shops, companies etc, you need a bag that will be able to help you gain time and not stall trying to open and close it.

Shoulder bags are easier for this kind of lifestyle.


The size of the bag is also very important. It depends on what you need the bag for though. If it is a bag for your work then you need a bigger bag to fit all the essentials, if for your walks then you need a smaller one.

Handbags are more useful when it comes to smaller or medium sized bags, as they are easier to carry. If you need a bag for leisure, walks or a night at the movies then a handbag is what you need.

On the other hand, a bag for your everyday life should be a little bigger. For this purpose, a shoulder bag is way better as it can support bigger bags and fit a lot of things apart from your keys, wallet and phone.


The weight that you are going to put on your bag plays a major role to the choice between a handbag and a shoulder bag. If you know that you are putting a lot of weight on your new bag then it is better for you to choose a shoulder bag. Why?

Because the bag is carried on your shoulders which can support more weight than your hands (handbag). Of course if you carry more than 2-3 pounds even the shoulder bag is going to make you tired.

Generally speaking, you should not put a lot of weight on your bags either if they are a shoulder or a hand bag. This will eventually ruin them as the straps of most bags are not made to support weight.

If you need a bag that is able to support weight like books or your laptop, then you should look for either a tote bag or a  backpack.

Zipper or buttons

Most shoulder bags have zippers that you can use to close and open them. Others have a magnetic button or even no closing attachment at all. You should consider the type of closing attachment of your bag, especially when you are using the subway or live in a crowded city.

Shoulder bags are easier to carry, but without a button or a zipper they are an easy target for thieves. While on the other hand, hand bags are more theft-proof as you carry them with your hands and you keep an eye on them easily.

Extra pockets

The pockets of a bag are a big deal as they help you get more organised and get things quicker out of your bag. Let’s face t, every one wants to get their phone out of their bag without having to turn it upside down!

Usually a woman;s bag is like men say “magic” as we always carry many things with us, from a bottle of water and chap stick to an extra shirt! In order to organise this mess in the hand bag, women need more pockets.

Shoulder bags usually come with at least on internal pocket and maybe another on at the outer side but it depends on its style. If you are fine with the number of pockets just go for it, just make sure you won’t regret it later!

Hand bags on the other side could either have no pockets at all or two and even more. It really depends on the size of the bag and the style. For a more formal bag you will not need pockets as the number of items you carry with you is limited.


Deciding between a handbag and a shoulder bag is a really subjective choice. Each woman has different needs and lifestyles so it would not be rational to impose a handbag or a shoulder bag to them. Actually we should not impose any style of bag.

The hand bags and the shoulder bags are two styles with different functions and looks, so each girl and woman can try some bags on and then decide which one suits them better before purchasing them.

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