9 tips and tricks about your fridge

Most people think that the refrigerator does not need any knowledge to make proper use of it. Επισκευή service ψυγεία Like all electrical appliances, the fridge needs special treatment. Unfortunately, they also make mistakes, since it is very important to be aware of certain mistakes that can cause health problems for both you and your family. 24gr is at your disposal to solve any questions or to repair your refrigerator, providing economical and quality services.

Yes, modern refrigerators (especially no frost technology) are self-adjusting, do not need defrosting and are generally much smarter than the old ones, but that does not mean that we should not be trained as users-consumers and do everything… in luck!

We can reduce the life of the refrigerator without realizing it, spoil our food faster and in general, not make proper use of our refrigerator. So, here are some tips to not repeat the bad practices of the past and keep the refrigerator in perfect condition for many, many years!

1. Pay attention to the door

Do not leave the refrigerator door open for no reason and in summer adjust the temperature a little lower if you open and close it often. This is the area of ​​the refrigerator that is most affected by the temperatures outside it. Every time you open it, the room temperature invades inside, mainly affecting the exposed side of the door, which is why this is the hottest area of ​​the refrigerator. So at the door you keep the not so vulnerable, such as mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise, products with a long life, soft drinks, standardized juices, butter.

2.  Keep the fridge clean

You must keep the refrigerator clean in every way. And do not fill the fridge with leftovers. In general, do not make more food than you know how to consume. You may think a loaded fridge is a sign of abundance but it is actually a sign of germs. Microbiologists recommend leaving space in your refrigerator because otherwise the circulation of cold air is blocked and thus more germs grow. Do not overfill your fridge because you prevent the correct and uniform circulation of air inside it, something that is not good for the refrigerator itself, nor for your food.

3. At the top of your refrigerator

On the higher shelves of the refrigerator, the temperature is always constant. An ideal place to keep dairy products (cheeses, yogurts, milks, creams, etc.), cold cuts, products that after opening need refrigeration, food that does not need cooking, leftover food from lunch – which in fact is good is to put back, on the back of the shelves which is their coldest point.

4. At the low of your fridge

As you go down the temperature drops. You will put the eggs here, so do not rush to throw away their cardboard packaging. With the cold air always going down, on the lower shelves you will also store meat, poultry, seafood, fish, and whatever is more sensitive, you place it on the back of the shelves (even colder place). It is important to keep these foods airtight and protected in separate utensils or special bags, so that other foods are protected from any liquid leaks (and consequently dangerous bacteria).

5. Check the temperature

The ideal temperature is between 2 and 4 degrees, with 4 being essentially the upper limit. If you set your refrigerator to 3 you have the ideal maintenance conditions.

6. Check the location of your fridge

Sometimes it is difficult to avoid direct contact of the refrigerator with the sun’s rays due to the design of the kitchen. However, as much space as you have, make sure, as much as possible, to place the refrigerator on the darker side of the room and away from windows and doors with glass. If your refrigerator is built into the cupboards, then you need to make sure there is free space between it and the cupboards. It is necessary to leave enough space for ventilation around your refrigerator when you install it, because otherwise it will not work properly.

7. No – frost technology

In addition to the conventional cooling that you will encounter mainly in smaller refrigerators, there is also the no-frost technology. When a device uses this technology, it means that the device does not catch ice. However, you should still check which no-frost appliance you choose, because there are refrigerators that have only a freezer that does not catch ice, while there are also the so-called total no-frost that do not catch ice even during maintenance.

Finally, refrigerators that are not no frost need intensive defrosting. Unplug it for 24 hours with the doors open. You should never use a knife or any other object to break the ice, as there is a risk of losing all the refrigerant. If you are in a hurry to defrost quickly, unplug the refrigerator and use a hair dryer.

8. Maintain the good condition of your fridge

Maintenance-cleaning service every year is necessary for the good operation of your refrigerator, as most refrigerators due to the presence of the fan at the bottom of the back, where the motor is located, often collect dust. Naturally, refrigerators also need maintenance at regular intervals. Its frequency depends on the conditions of the operating space but also on the use of the refrigerator. Assign the estimation of the frequency as well as the execution of the maintenance to a specialized technician.

9. Choose an energy efficient model

We choose an energy efficient model, comparing the energy efficiency category listed on the labels, of different models. Our device must be in good condition to consume minimal energy. In case we find a defect in the door seal, as we check the refrigerator, we must replace it, immediately, to avoid wasting energy.


Most people think that the refrigerator does not need any knowledge to make proper use of it. Unfortunately, they also make mistakes, since it is very important to be aware of certain mistakes that can cause health problems for both you and your family. Each refrigerator has its own design, its own technology, its own capabilities. Do not ignore these possibilities, see how your refrigerator responds and adjust the above accordingly.

Electrical appliances sometimes show problems related to their smooth operation. So, it can happen with the refrigerator you have at home or in your business. Of course, most of the time such problems occur all of a sudden without any warning. 24gr and its experienced in many fields stuff can help you with everything anytime!


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