10 Ideas for kitchen renovation and painting

10 Ideas for kitchen renovation and painting

From the cupboards to the kitchen rug, everything you will need for renovating and painting your kitchen, making it the most functional and stylish space in the house.

The painting of the kitchen is perhaps one of the most special “missions” that you are called to carry out at home. It is precisely the fact that you have to find a way to combine furniture (such as cabinets and dining room) with solutions such as shelves and drawers, that requires method and imagination.

So how to harmoniously match many different types of furniture and create a set with high aesthetics? In the following sections you will find the solution. We examine each type separately starting from the cupboards -the first ones that one pays attention to- and ending at the plate holders, in order to choose correctly and to achieve an even and special aesthetic result.

1. Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are the most important element in terms of kitchen style, as they occupy a much larger area than any other object, but also because in many cases they have bright colors, various designs and textures. When there is an island in the space, it should follow the benches and cabinets in terms of style and materials, but its colors can be either complementary, ie shades of the same color or vice versa, such as white and black. The decision is yours! Just think that black and dark colors, such as maroon or deep blue, give a special sense of luxury. On the contrary, bright colors, such as yellow and red, give a more modern character.

Painting Tip!

Put different tones of wood, marble and metal, play with matte and glossy surfaces to break the monotony and make a combination based on your personal style.

2. Shelves – trolleys

Shelves and trolleys are very useful extensions of the locker system as you can store fruits, vegetables and anything else that comes to mind. As they are beautiful constructions in themselves, dare to choose elegant designs and quality materials such as wood, bamboo and stainless steel. Original and replaced the upper cabinets with shelves for a more “warm” and functional kitchen with all the utensils in common view, neat and immediately accessible. Of course, mix & match is always the safest choice, so do not hesitate to combine open cabinets with traditional closed ones to break the monotony.


Choose wooden shelves and metal bases. And yet it is one of the most popular trends in recent years in kitchen design.

3. Dish racks

The dish rack is usually full of dishes and glasses, and no one notices it, but in neat kitchens where the dishes are stored on the shelves it can give its own tone to the rest of the set. Here the inox gains in terms of functionality, because they are not affected by humidity, but in terms of style and finish it is best to choose one that matches the counter and the sink.

4. Lighting – blinds

Dining room lamps are the “jewels” of the kitchen. They do not define the style but highlight it, complement it and perfect it. Choose light fixtures in a dark kitchen or upside down, metal luminaries to contrast with wooden surfaces. The blinds on the other hand allow you to adjust exactly how much light will enter the space. Here utility prevails over style in terms of importance, so read the features in detail before making a final decision.

5. Dining rooms

Do you dream of a kitchen where you can comfortably enjoy your meal? Of course it is possible! The dining room even affects the overall decoration to a great extent, fills the space and changes the aesthetics. That is why it must be in harmony with the rest of the kitchen furniture and especially with the cupboards and counters. It is important that there is not necessarily absolute uniformity, but that the same design logic prevails.


Put a dining table next to the kitchen island and increase the area and the number of people who can eat together.

6. Tables, chairs & stools

In addition to the dining sets, you can choose the tables and kitchen chairs separately and make your own composition. A kitchen counter like a bar and some high stools are a practical solution when there is not enough space. For a pop style, prefer plastic stools in different colors and combine them with white glossy surfaces and white cabinets.

7. Hoods

In addition to the practicality of the specific device and the operating parameters (e.g energy class, absorbency, noise levels, etc.) that you should study, do not neglect to deal with the type of hood.

And yet there are four types available (folding, chimney, sliding or free) that are quite different from each other and significantly affect the style of the space. Free is the most common type, but now a type of chimney is considered a must in modern kitchens in New Jersey. It is worth noting that the island type kitchen countertops have a separate hood that looks like a lamp and gives a special style. If you still need storage space, a sliding hood is the ideal and most popular choice. Let’s not forget the trend in 2020 for smart storage and clean surfaces.

8. Sinks & faucets

The minimalist style in kitchen faucets and sinks is the most prevalent and combines perfectly with stainless steel appliances. However, in recent years, rustic and warmer colors and designs are gaining ground. In any case, the sinks and faucets follow the design of the cabinets.

9. Knobs & handles

If you want to bring your personal taste to the kitchen, this is your opportunity! Knobs and handles are usually set together with the cabinets, but in the trade you can find a great variety in case you want to “tease” the style a little and give your own touch, composing a special and unique total.

10. Carpets

No kitchen will be stylistically complete without a matching rug, especially in the winter months – and we’re not just talking about a mat next to the sink. The style must be consistent with the style of the wall, e.g. colored carpet with a wallpaper with a strong print or a monochrome carpet with a monochrome wall without meaning that it will be in the exact same shade. In fact, if space allows, you can place two or more carpets, e.g. around an islet.

By following all the above tips, then, you can decorate and paint your kitchen and give it a special style. Whether you are designing it from scratch, or you are just renovating it, make sure you choose the right furniture to achieve a high value aesthetic result!

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